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Putting People First - Mariano sees SunWest Park spurring tourist boom while creating jobs!
Jack Mariano

Pasco County Commissioner

District 5


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Putting People First


  • 2005 voted to reduce property tax rates
  • 2006 voted to reduce property tax rates
  • 2007 voted to reduce property tax rates
  • By the time he ran for second term in 2008,
  • Jacked had reduced property taxes by 36%
  • 2008 held the line on property tax rates
  • Jack cut government spending as property taxes dropped more than 10%
  • 2009 property values dropped by 14%
  • Jack cut non-essential services and Maintained funding public safety
  • Voted for tax rates that would keep property taxes the same
  • 2010 - 2011 property values droipped by a combined 12%
  • Jack held the line on county wide property tax rates
  • Jack defeated a $50.00 per household tax and a 5¢ gas tax
  • Jack voted against a tax shift that would have
    raised taxes on 88¢ of our population
    Jack is the ONLY commissioner that opposed Park Fees,
    Leauge Fees and wanted to keep our pools open

  • Bottom line: A $100,000 homestead home would have paided $2.12 and all the county parks and League fees would be covered.
        Champion For Green Building Pasco
      Insuring Growth Enhances Existing Development
      Tax Payers Speak First at County Commission Meetings
      Creating More Employment
      Keeping Taxes Low
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